A clean healthcare environment is extremely important in decreasing the spread of infections to our patients, staff and visitors. Therefore, MTRH housekeeping family, are proud of our continuous focus on this aspect of patient safety. This is the reason there is a whole department handling sanitation within the Hospital.

The Hospital housekeepers are responsible for sustaining a clean and sterile environment in all areas of the Hospital by routinely cleaning patient rooms, nursing units, surgical areas, administrative offices, laboratory areas, waiting areas and public restrooms using various cleaning chemicals and disinfectants.             

The Department consists of a dedicated team that is offering quality-cleaning services that meets the expectations of our clients. To effectively realize our mandate, the Housekeeping staff go through continuous training and skills enhancement courses, the latest one was held in the month of June 2018 by a team from Kenya Utalii College.

Housekeeping department accepts request from various community stakeholders to take part in cleaning of the Hospital.

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