Records Management

Records Management Department falls under the Directorate of Health Administration.

It’s core mandate is to manage all records (Physical and Electronic) for the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) in its lifecycle.

The Department through MTRH Hospital Records Management Committee has partnered with Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services (KNAD) through which;

  1. Non valuable paper records have been disposed of which had not been done since the inception of the institution in 1917.
  2. Developed the Records Management Policy Guidelines.
  3. Improved on the filing classification system for the Registry records.

Currently, the Hospital Records Management Committee is developing the Records Management Procedures Manual for both Administrative and Health Records.


The objective of the Records Management Department is to promote efficient administration and management of all Records of MTRH.

It provides guidance on maintenance, retention, and storage of records based on their legal, administrative and historical value to MTRH.

The function of the Department includes;


  1. Initiating, developing, interpreting and monitoring implementation of records management policies, guidelines and procedures.

2.Records management administration
3.Mails (Print and Electronic) management
4. Control or records and documents
5. Management of a records centre/archive
6. Management of Registries /Records Storage Area
7. Distribution and circulation of mails
8. File management
9. Electronic Records Management System
10. Records management policy training staff members
11.Liaising with KNADS on appraisal and disposal of dormant files/documents


The Hospital’s records are managed by trained Records Management Officers and in line with the Constitution of Kenya (C.O.K 2010) and Public Archives and Documentation Service Act Cap 19 of the Laws of Kenya.

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