Resource Mobilization

Resource Mobilization (RM) is a process that involves collecting new resources, securing additional and utilizing existing resources, in order to produce results that are in accordance to the goals of an organization. It provides an avenue for diversification such as holding a mixed portfolio of investments rather than depending on a single source of funding.

The Resource Mobilization Unit at MTRH comprises of a Resource Mobilization Officer, Assistant Resource Mobilization Officer and an officer seconded from the Corporate Communications Department. The Unit is under the Directorate of Commercial Services. RM is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring there is continued resource collection, building up of network of collaborations by designing and implementing a strategic, result-oriented and coordinated approach to mobilization of additional resources from internal and external partners and ensure systematic and transparent reporting on fundraising and related communication activities.

The role that the Unit plays in order to create synergy between the Hospital and other local and international implementation partners is:

  • Developing specific fundraising approach for Hospital with local and international partners.
  • Establishing and broadening relations with international and local donors and financial partners and analyze information on their funding priorities and trends.
  • Exploring possible sources of funding, listing priority areas in the Hospital and analyzing trends in the market.
  • Coordinating strategic programme development opportunities with relevant Hospital stakeholders.
  • Organizing fundraising activities such as donor briefings and presentations or joint donor events with the partners in cooperation with relevant internal stakeholders.
  • Monitoring the provision of transparent, high quality targeted reports for donors.
  • Monitoring systematic, regular and transparent reporting on all fundraising activities and results related to the donor community.

Resource Mobilization at the Hospital is being implemented in accordance with the 2017-2022 Hospital Strategy. The Unit has a close working relationship with Planning and Corporate Communications Departments. This collaboration has been instrumental in the implementation of various resourcing activities. Support from Management has been key in enabling the Unit realize its objectives.

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