Directorate of Haemoto-Oncology

The Directorate of Hematology and Oncology was started in the year 2005 as a volunteer service before becoming a formal department under the Division of Medicine of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in 2008. Our main objective is to prevent, diagnose early, and comprehensively treat all diseases of blood and cancer. Due to rapid expansion, we became a Division in 2012 and eventually a Directorate in 2016. The Directorate has expanded rapidly from treating just 50 patients in 2005 to over 8,000 patient visits per year in 2017. We have formed collaborations with Indiana University, Brown University, University of Massachusetts, the University of Toronto, University of California San Francisco, and Harvard Medical School.  


The Directorate is headed by a Director who reports to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer – (Clinical Services) and supported by a team of skilled, highly trained and qualified Medical/ Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicist, Hematologists, Oncology Nurses, Pharmacists/Pharmacy Technologists, Administrative staff, and other Health Care professionals.


Our outpatient clinics run form Monday through Friday each week 8.00 am to 5.00 pm at the Chandaria Cancer and Chronic Disease Centre. There are also other Outreach programs spread across the western part of Kenya such as in Homa Bay, Port Victoria, Chulaimbo, Busia, Kitale, Kakamega, Turbo and Webuye and are conducted twice every month in the respective sites.

Some of the services we provide include but not limited to;


We provide free breast and cervical cancer screening services from Monday to Friday. We also offer free family planning education and HIV counseling and testing services within our clinic space in partnership with AMPATH. These services are sometimes offered outside MTRH during the many medical camps that we organize. In addition, we offer general cancer awareness education to all the people who walk in and just want their questions on cancer addressed.


Because the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) pays for most of the cancer services, including CT scans, MRI, Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, admission bed fees, we have established an NHIF office at our clinic space. We encourage all patients, their relatives, friends and any other healthy visitors to enroll with NHIF as soon as possible so that they can benefit if needed.


We provide diagnostic services such as Fine needle aspiration cytology and biopsies including Bone marrow either at our clinic space or at designated hospital spaces. All patients are reviewed and advised appropriately.


We all types of current and effective chemotherapy at our spacious, comfortable and entertaining chemotherapy lounge under close monitoring by qualified and experienced nurses. We work closely with Surgeons, pathologists and Radiologists to ensure proper monitoring of response to chemotherapy.


We are pioneers in providing out-patient blood transfusion services at our clinic spaces. We have dedicated beds and staff to ensure safe out-patient blood transfusion.


We provide nutrition supplements as well as nutrition education including food security to all clients.


For patients with incurable disease, we provide best supportive care including home visits in collaboration with Eldoret and Kimbilio hospices.


We conduct research to discover new ways of preventing, early diagnosis and comprehensive data treatment. Patients and their relatives are encouraged to ask whether there is any study for which they qualify. Participation is any research is voluntary and whether you participate or not, you will get the best care possible in our Directorate.


We provide modern conference facilities including web-based teleconferencing at a fee.


We have completed construction of 2 radiotherapy bunkers and expect installation of a linear accelerator and a brachytherapy unit by end of 2018. In the meantime, our radiation oncologists, Medical Physicis and Radiotherapy technicians are available in the hospital for consultation and treatment either in Eldoret or elsewhere. We are also furnishing space for patient support groups in collaboration with Faraja Cancer Center.

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