Hospital Pastoral Services

Clients (patients, caretakers, relatives, family members, friends, and healthcare workers and administration) experience a wide range of difficulties; physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Hence the presence of Hospital Pastoral Services within healthcare team as it seeks to offer this holistic care is very important. Its mandate is the spiritual wellbeing in MTRH.

The chaplain

The Hospital Pastoral Services is at the centre of providing spiritual services/care in MTRH. The Chaplain is an integral member of the healthcare team. The Chaplains conduct daily rounds and are available to provide spiritual/pastoral care to patients, caretakers, relatives and staff. The chaplains are available to provide objective crisis intervention and competent spiritual support. They do this by offering spiritual, psychological and moral support and journeys with those seeking their services.

Overall, this is what Hospital Pastoral Services Department does in the Hospital:

  1. Being with the patients and providing spiritual care at bedside; bed to bed visitation;
  2. Helping patients face reality of sickness and accept treatment;
  3. Deal with belief system; some patients believe they are bewitched. Through reflective listening, we help them build a good belief system;
  4. Address cultural issues, which hinder treatment;
  5. Administering Sacrament;
  6. We pray for and with patients after listening to their stories and struggles; We do this after receiving their consent.
  7. Caretakers: they also undergo anxieties, stress, emotional breakdown as they take care of the relatives who are sick;
  8. Staff: (counseling, spiritual intervention, reconciliation, spiritual direction),
  9. Sharing God’s words with staff during morning devotions and Eucharistic Celebration and lunchtime services for the staff;
  10. Morning devotion, lunchtime services/Mass for staff;
  11. Bereavement support; Provide moral support to the bereaved families, relatives and friends and conduct short services at Farewell;
  12. Hospital functions
  13. Helping clients in ADA rehabilitation centre form a new identity and approach to life by taking them through Spiritual 12 steps;
  14. Sharing words of hope to mentally ill patients.
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