Directorate of Pharmacy & Nutrition

The Directorate comprises of three departments namely:- Pharmacy,Nutrition, and Manufacturing departments. The Directorate is headed by the Director who oversees the overall running of the Directorate. It is run by Pharmacists,Nutritionists,Pharmaceautical Technologists and Chemical Technologists that are registered to practice by their respective professional bodies.The Department of Pharmacy comprises of Clinical,Commodity management Pharmacists together with Pharmaceutical technologists.


The Directorate of Pharmacy & Nutrition embraces the Hospital Vision of becoming the Leading Multi-Specialty Hospital for Healthcare, Training and Research in Africa.


In Pursuit of the Hospital mission, The Directorate is committed to rendering quality, efficient, and professional pharmaceutical services to patients and other clients.

This has been made possible by ensuring;-

  • Adherence to good professional practice
  • Provision of specialized Pharmacy & Nutrition services including oncology,TB, HIV & Aids, Psychiatry,diabetes and cardiovascular.
  • Constant availability of quality, cost effective drugs & Nutritional supplements through timely monthly orders.
  • Professional approach tendering processes to ensure availability of quality commodities.
  • Rigorous regular checks are done to minimize drug expiries in our pharmacies & Bulk stores.
  • The Directorate has a Pharmacovigillance office and drug Information centre to gather patient information and to capture side effects related to drugs and preventive measures.
  • Enhancing efficient & Quality service delivery by embracing the use of the Hospital IHMS during billing & dispensing of drugs.
  • Establishment of Clinical Pharmacy unit. Pharmacists in this unit ensure the best medications for a given symptom for a patient are determined at any given time.
  • The Pharmacy and Therapeautics Committee ensures quality drugs are available through the establishment and revision of the Hospital Drug Formulary.


  • The Department is mandated to produce high quality disinfectants, antiseptics and liquid detergent. We are committed to effective implementation and continual improvement of Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001:2015 standard so as to consistently meet our customers” and stakeholders needs and expectations.
  • The departmental objective is to avail quality locally produced disinfectants, antiseptics and liquid soap which are readily accessible, cost effective and meets/exceeds user’s expectations. Issuance of high quality, safe finished products ensures all users and their safety is taken into consideration.
  • Clients include Doctors, Nurses, Public Health, stewards and the whole hospital at large.

Products Produced by the department for the hospital include.

Product Usage
3.5% Sodium Hypochlorite General disinfection
Povidone Iodine Broad application in medicine as a surgical scrub, pre- and post-operative skin cleansing
0.9% Sodium chloride for irrigation Wound irrigation
5% Chlorhexidine digluconate Pre-operative skin disinfection and emergency disinfection of clean instruments
Cetrimide Antiseptic and cleansing agent
Liquid detergent General cleaning multipurpose detergent
6% Hydrogen Peroxide Used as a mild skin disinfectant
Darkins Solution Strong antiseptic that kills most forms of bacteria  and viruses
70% methylated spirit Disinfection. Antimicrobial for preparation before injection.
Milton solution Disinfecting baby utensils at New Born Unit
  • We continually research on new products, quality control checks to ensure products are of the safe and highest quality.
  • We aspire to roll out a new range of products best suited for the hospital so as to cost save and offer best suited solutions to challenges facing our institution.

The Hospital is recognised as a centre for training pharmacist interns and attachees in collaboration with The Ministry of Health, Pharmacy and Poisons Board and the neighbouring training institutions.

The Directorate ensures continuous exchange of Medical knowledge and to keep up with the world trends in medicine through Clinical Pharmacy Journal club(Pharmaceutical experts share their findings in the area of pharmacy),WhatsApp groups, meeting and CMEs held by different departments within the Hospital.

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