Directorate of Internal Medicine

Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital (MTRH), situated in convenient proximity to Western Kenya and East Uganda, is the premiere destination for medical treatment within and abroad. You’ll find advanced Training, Research and Procedures here along with top-notch, skilled physicians. MTRH, stands out as the home of the finest medicine in the region.


When it comes to public medical facilities in Kenya, none are above MTRH Internal Medicine Directorate. As such, MTRH should definitely come first in your mind when you think of medical treatment. Not only is the cost of care which is affordable by International Standards, but you’ll also find advanced training, research and procedures.  

Internal Medicine Directorate stands tall among several prestigious in healthcare sub-specialty. MTRH is the second largest and most advanced hospital in Kenya, constantly conducting groundbreaking research and offering the latest treatments for numerous diseases and conditions. At the facility you can benefit from:

  • 15 medical departments and clinics
  • 18+ physicians
  • Medical tests in excess of 2000.

Medical innovation in MTRH is constantly on the move. Breakthroughs in medicine are almost a daily occurrence here. When you come to MTRH for medical treatment, you will benefit from:

  • Advances in cancer treatment, from targeted chemotherapy to immunotherapy to new surgical techniques.
  • Access to effective, safe drugs.
  • The finest care from highly skilled MTRH physicians and surgeons. Many MTRH doctors are trained in Kenya medical schools and are some of the most rigorous in the world.
  • Affordable healthcare costs, through NHIF, accords one with a high level of care and safety.

MTRH is an excellent location with exemplary service in medical care, recommended by organizations like the ISO and WHO.

MTRH being the largest hospital in the region, it also strives to be the leading multi-specialty in healthcare, training and research and is a truly massive facility. There are treatments, research, and procedures at MTRH that are available nowhere in the world. The expert consultants at MTRH shall assist you every step of the way with quality health care. Additionally, virtually every medical specialty you can imagine is practiced here, including:

Cardiology – advanced heart care, including interventional cardiac procedures. Patients needing heart surgery will find global experts at MTRH.

Oncological treatments – for every type of cancer, both in children and adults.

Renal services – for adult and paediatric haemodialysis, adult and paediatric renal clinics and kidney transplantations.

Many of the foremost TIL and melanoma specialists are at MTRH. These physicians are rigorously trained and experienced, and they regularly collaborate with their colleagues worldwide.

    15 different medical departments and clinics

    187 total patient beds distributed among the various Units.

As a government hospital, MTRH fees are open and transparent. MTRH provides outstanding, affordable medicine.

Despite Medical Wards size, you will receive tailor-made medicine here, administered with compassion and true caring. The entire staff is committed to the well-being of their patients and taking care of your every need. Even among high-tech procedures and advanced research, the human element is not lost at MTRH.

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