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Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH), Eldoret successfully completed its first Oesophageal Replacement Camp with 3 children benefiting from the surgery.
Oesophageal replacement is done in children born with long-gap oesophageal atresia or long oesophageal stricture caused by caustic/chemical injury.
Oesophageal disorders in children are rare and usually result in significant morbidity and mortality, with the replacement surgery being the only viable treatment option.
Oesophageal replacement is expensive in resource-limited populations, and further hampered by lack of expertise in the surgical teams.
MTRH is the first and the only Kenyan hospital to have done this type of surgery with the first case in 2014 by Prof. T. Kuremu (Moi University/MTRH) and Dr. P. W. Saula(same).
The index 3 children have done well now feeding orally like everyone, 2 discharged home and the remaining one will be allowed home soon.
The Multidisciplinary team was led by Dr. P W. Saula, Dr. P Kuradesenge, Dr. T. Nyakerario (Paediatric Surgeons, MTRH); Dr. Muma (Paediatric Surgeon, Kijabe Mission Hospital); Dr. V. Chebiwo (Paediatric Surgeon, KUTTRH); Dr. E. Gudu (Anesthesiologist); and Ms. Ann Sipoche (Theatre Nurse)

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